Trustee Exchange 2014 – what help might you need?

This year’s “Trustee Exchange” one-day conference will be taking place in London on 25th March.

I’ve been to these in the past and they’ve always been very good.  But they’ve also taught me that the support we can offer locally in North East Lincolnshire is (imho) as useful as anything offered down in London.  Also, that the issues encountered by charities & their trustees, and the solutions implemented, are no different for us locally than to the situation nationally.

So for 2014 VANEL has started on the route of offering a bit of Governance related training (see here), and perhaps this is something that you might want to take advantage of.

But I’m interested in what people might like to learn about.  So here’s a link to the programme for the “Trustee Exchange” day in London.  Do any of the topics here look interesting?  Does your group need support with any of this?  Can VANEL help?

If you’d like training or support, do please contact me – Karl Elliott ( / 01472 235311) to discuss.

Or please feel free to start commenting below, so that I can learn what it is that you (and others) are interested in.

(If you don’t know how to add your comments or need a login to add them, then please read the FAQ about this just here).

Here’s a list of all the workshops that this conference will be covering.  Are any of these of relevance/importance to you and your group?  Can VANEL help you with any of this?

1 The chair/chief executive relationship: where things can go wrong
2 Strengthening financial governance
3 Chief executive remuneration: how to get it right especially when the issue is in the media spotlight
4 The board’s strategic role in risk management
5 Performance management of trustees and motivating disengaged or ineffective trustees
6 Board entrepreneurship:  not just about generating income but also evolving new ways of service provision and campaigning
7 Collaborations, strategic alliances and mergers: legal matters that boards need to consider
8 Dealing with conflicts of interest and loyalty
9 Trustees and information: understanding the legal and governance implications of how charities use information
10 Involving service users in the heart of governance

I look forward to your feedback.