Recruiting new Trustees

Finding the right Trustees to join your board is a challenge; and it’s a challenge that faces charities across the country.  Finding ways to encourage people to volunteer to join your board is one thing.  Making sure they are the right people with the right skills and attitudes that will benefit the organisation is another thing.  So how to go about it.

Firstly here’s a great resource.  This Recruitment Toolkit covers it all in some depth but in a practical manner.  Read it through (as a board) and see what might work for you.

The NCVO Recruitment Toolkit (.pdf)

If you’ve got open vacancies on your board, why not let us know at the North East Lincolnshire Volunteer Centre.  Trustees are volunteers, so we advertise open Trustee or committee member positions regularly.  Contact us at VANEL to speak about advertising your vacancy.

Any vacancies we post are added to the national Do-It volunteering database, which in turn can be interrogated via the Small Charities Coalition’s new Trustee Finder service.

If you do recruit new Trustees, we can also help with introductory training for them – read more about our “Introduction to Trusteeship” course here.  And if you want to explore this recruitment process in more depth, we also cover it in our “Developing your Board” training course.

From recruiting Trustees we can move into retention of Trustees, getting the right skills mix for Trustees or getting the board diversity balance right.  Watch out for future articles.

Meanwhile, I hope the Recruitment Toolkit is of interest.  Contact us if you’d like to discuss your governance support needs further.