Trustees Week Day 4: Acknowledge that it’s voluntary

Today we’ve been saying a big thank you to our Trustees at VANEL. Like all trustees, they are all volunteers, often with their own organisations, and they have to give their time to support VANEL through thick and thin. We’ve very grateful.

So, if you’ve not done so already, why not take the opportunity this Trustees Week to say thank you to each and every one of your Trustees/Directors/Committee Members. Give them a call; send them a card; make them a certificate. Simply remember that you really need them and they are providing you with support for free.

And make sure you remember often that they are volunteers. ‘Other’ volunteers should have a point of contact in your organisation to raise any concerns. They should have access to training and support. They should clearly know what is required of them and have everything they need to help them do that. So make sure you’re treating your trustees in the same way and supporting them. Could you provide newer trustees with a more experienced mentor? Can you provide them training resources (many of which are free this week) to help be better trustees.

Thank you to all the hundreds of thousands of volunteer trustees across the UK!

Resources and information

Today’s resource is a free guide on How to become a Charity Trustee. It is, of course, aimed at those interested in becoming a trustee for the first time and we’re encouraging young people to think about this too. The guide comes from GettingOnboard and it’s worth visiting their site for more information and resources too. The guide covers:
What a trustee is
Responsibilities of a trustee
Finding the right role
Crafting your application

It’s well presented and you can download your copy here.

Today the Charity Commission (CC) has published its latest e-newsletter. All trustees should be taking a look at this, and this week it has a mention of the new, short guides that the CC has published this week especially for trustees. Read it here.

Don’t forget that we’ve been promoting a couple of Trustee vacancies with local charities this week. Head back to our earlier blog here to find out more.