Some thoughts from Young Reporters during Mental Health Awareness Week

This week (18-24th May) is Mental Health Awareness Week.

A couple of our Young Reporters have shared their thoughts.

Speak now or forever hold your peace – by Sophie Read

You are given a voice for a reason.

Whether it’s to give an opinion, or have a conversation; it’s there and its important.

Everything that we are born with is necessary for us to live happy lives, and your voice is included.

Speak out for what you believe in; because there will be people who do too.

Speak out for those who haven’t found their voice yet; because they want you to.

Speak out if you feel overwhelmed because you are not alone.

Life may feel lonely but that’s only because not all 7 billion of us are speaking out.

Having a voice, is having power, and with that power, you can do anything.