Lockdown Lifehack

Lockdown a life hack, you may not think it right? . Not being able to hug your grandkids. The little things like choosing shoes for a party gone. No weddings as couples put happiness on hold. It’s hard to look on the bright side but maybe this is a blessing by bringing back the community spirit that Grimsby once had.

Unlike years ago we no longer invite the neighbours round to show them holiday photos.  Some of us don’t even communicate with those 2 doors down from us.  Since Lockdown isn’t it great we’re checking our neighbours are ok, shopping for the Vulnerable and keeping in touch more regularly with those we love. Thinking about It shouldn’t we normally? If we have elderly neighbours shouldn’t we always check they’re ok?.  Busy schedule or not there’s always time for a quick call with loved ones.  Think of a mother and baby walking towards you. You’d stand aside now because, we have to social distance.  Always stand aside for someone to pass and we’ll again live in that considerate community we once had.

When you’re not in a rush to get ready and meet a friend you can’t help but take longer, looking in the mirror criticising yourself. Now more than ever you must try learning to love yourself and make better decisions. Before lockdown it was harder to do this seeing constant airbrushed pictures of celebrities, hair extensions, plastic surgery these can be life changing for some people’s confidence but may make others feel like that’s the way their supposed to look. Now everyone has to embrace a more natural look. Your grey routes may come through, skin may start to sag but ultimately there’s no better time to embrace and encourage those around us that they’re amazing just the way they are. Spending all your time at home means there’s no coat to cover up your personality. You’re not trying to prove yourself for a job promotion and you don’t feel pressured to wear makeup. Embrace the fact you may be a hugs person or if you’re somebody who tells Dad jokes. Never apologise for being you.50% of us will go grey and that’s the way it is. Only ever change you for you.

Your house can be good at helping you make big decisions. For most of us stress from work and learning has become easier and you spend more time than you think staring at the walls. This is a good time to sit down and decide what you really want in life. Even consider smaller decisions. Why not let your kids dye their hair with tissue paper and hot water. It isn’t harmful, it’s really fun and they couldn’t have it for school. Being less stressed can really help you think about the bigger picture. Is university for you? Could a gap year be more efficient? Are you and your partner ready to have kids? Is a career change the answer? Even if it’s just 30 minutes thinking time on a peaceful walk, you may never get this chance again. Have a chill and think about what you really want.

However Lockdown isn’t a holiday. Many of us still have to work putting ourselves in danger, so many of us apart from family and so many of us suffering terribly with mental health as a result. Not living life normally is a struggle for many. If you’re suffering with mental health there are so many useful websites you can visit: www.priorygroup.com, young minds.org.uk. Times are worrying so minds can suffer to. Always ask the people you love If they’re ok as if we learn to address our attitudes now were more likely to keep these positive changes post lockdown.

Lockdown your life hack, you may not think it right? But each time it hits you hard, you learn something new about yourself, you understand more and you can change more on the other-side.



Article by Young Reporter Charlotte Freeman
First appeared in Grimsby Telegraph 19th May 2020