Does everything need a label?

As a community, we – for the most part – have significantly developed since the 21st century begun, in terms of diversity, differences and beliefs on how people live their lives. However, this is getting slightly unmanageable and we are starting to accept things that don’t really make sense, and people are starting to believe they have a major problem with them just because they read it online.

I have of late seen some identification in the LGBTQ+ community that I have concerns around, as people may get a lot of backlash for identifying with these. Needless to say, I have absolutely no problem with anyone from the LGBTQ+ community and in-fact I am a part of it myself, but I don’t think some of the certain specifications are going to be easily explainable to most people. These include things like Graysexual (where somebody feels very limited sexual attraction). This is completely fine, but there is already a label with an uncannily close explanation, namely Asexual (where a person feels very limited sexual attraction). There are also alternative labels, replacing the sexual attraction to romantic attraction, like Demi romantic (when somebody feels romantic attraction to people they know and trust). But, I do know that a lot of people in the community don’t use labels at all.

Now, I am no authority of sexual/romantic attraction, but I feel like the majority of people wouldn’t consent to having any type of sexual intercourse without trusting and feeling appreciative of the other person’s company in a genuine way.

This brings us into another topic, where people feel the need to fake a mental illness online to get acknowledged and flattering compliments from their peers. What I mean by this is that people will post on a social media platform, where their friends can see, and write something like this “one like = one less cut on my skin” or “if I get __ comments on this post, I will harm myself”.

Posts like these are so condescending and make people who experience these types of problems look like a laughing stock. Another thing that can come into play is emotional blackmail. This is where a person threatens either them self or the other person to get their own way. Examples of this are like “so, you won’t go to the park with me tomorrow, it’s ok, I’ll just kill myself to take the pain away”. This can affect people’s self esteem, mental health and moods as they’re being seen as villainous, just for doing what they want.

People can believe whatever they want to believe without intimidating and patronising others. I think it’s completely fine if you think you are Graysexual, but with something like an eating disorder or mental disorder, you should really seek professional help before you publicly share it.For example, some people that decide to be vegan tell others that they are murderers, just because they eat meats. Additionally, some extremists think that all heterosexuals are homophobic or that all men are sexist, and try to get others to believe the same. It is perfectly fine to believe what you believe, or act within the law, nonetheless, people should let others be free to disagree.

Overall, I believe people should have freedom in how they live their lives and what they identify as, but I don’t think everything needs a label, things like genders and personalities don’t need as many labels as what seems to be needed and multiplied all the time. I also hope to see less of people using a mental illness to receive attention and gratification. Although, it is understandable that real mental illness sufferers will want advice on how to get through their day with their usual struggles. People should be able to be themselves without having a name for every factor about them.

Article by Young Reporter Georgia Kelly
First published in Grimsby Telegraph 10th December 2019