Working together. How VANEL can help add value to your projects

Do you have a project idea but something is missing? Are you missing the skills, experience or resources to make your project a reality? Perhaps the missing bits could be where VANEL lends you a hand?

Over the past few years VANEL has partnered up with member organisations to deliver parts of projects that they are seeking funding for. The conversations have usually started well in advance of any funding application. We’ll look at what we can offer (and what it will cost) and support the group as they submit their applications.

We’ve ended up delivering websites and technology components, volunteer managing initiatives, marketing and promotion and editorial work, event and workshop management, training programmes, research, consultation work, direct support and client support, project management services and much more.

The work VANEL provides is often just one component of a larger initiative and part of the funding application. But we provide experienced, expert support where the project leading organisation perhaps lacks those skills or simply needs additional resource or support.

We supported West Marsh Community Centre last year with an IT club for older people, we’re working with YMCA on projects such as At One (and previously we provided website training and support with their Rich History heritage project), we’re working in partnership with organisations across Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire, we’re the Locally Trustee Organisation for Big Local North Cleethorpes and we’re currently exploring a range of collaborations with groups on a variety of projects. The ways in which we can support others is very varied.

So if you’re exploring ways to put projects together and apply for funding, contact us and have a conversation at an early stage. We’ll work with you to get the costings and wording right for funding applications and then work closely with you throughout the delivery.

Working together benefits everyone.

Get in touch at your earliest opportunity to discuss how we might be able to work with you.