Learn more about the “4 U by U” self-support network from Climb4 and event on 18th November

‘4 U By U’ is a user led project run by Young People aged 16-26 who have experienced poor mental health.  The project is co-ordinated by Climb 4 Limited and with them it is our aim to set up, run and manage a Young People’s Support Network that includes an inclusive and personalised Support Network Activity programme.

Activities involved in the programme shall be flexible to enable us to follow our user led approach, however we expect these to include, peer led support sessions, social opportunities including Volunteering/ Work Experience and Sport/Expressive Art Workshops.

Our Network Planning committee have designed a pilot activity programme that will go live from the 20th November Until the Christmas break.  Young People interested in attending any sessions will have the opportunity to give feedback to help us design a finalised Activity programme to begin in January 2018.  This is important to us as we focus on the involvement of the community in how we work, what we offer and how we provide our services, believing that we are whatever the community want and need us to be, giving those in the community the chance to hear from those who have been through the same or similar situations.

Jordan Hagerup
Events Management Representative
Climb 4 Ltd

The Brightside event on Saturday 18th November is the first mental well being event supporting young people run by Climb 4 and 4 U by U.  See flyer below for all the information.

Saturday 18th November 11am-4pm, the Warehouse, Freeman Street, Grimsby

event flyer brightside poster

Volunteer 4 you By You support Mentor Poster