IGNITE are looking for more young leaders like Mica. Are you one? Do you know someone?

On Friday 20th October 2017, young project leader Mica Armstrong hosted a Proud of Plate vegan bake off at the Moon on the Water to raise money for Groundworks UK and to raise awareness of her own campaign, Project V.

With 6 cakes and sweets entered into the bake off and a meal for 2 at Moon on the Water up for grabs, some serious cake tasting began. To judge the competition, members of the public were asked to make a donation where upon they then received a button so that they could cast their votes.

Toffee Apple Cupcakes, Organic Flapjacks, Avocado and Cacao Truffles, Lemon Crumble Cupcakes and Banana, Walnut and Seed Cake were the delicious items ready for the public to devour and judge. Next to each cake was a sealed box for the public whereupon they could select their favourite cakes!

In total over £50 was raised for Groundwork UK. The winner of the bake off and the recipient of the meal for two was first time amateur baker, Julie Graham for her Banana, Walnut and Seed Cake! Congratulations Julie!

Commenting on the event, Mica says “I think it was a successful day and I enjoyed meeting and getting to know various people that came in.”

Keen cake eater Jay, 21, additionally added “I’ve never tried vegan cakes before but I definitely will eat more of them in the future!”

Groundworks UK began with the ideal of using communities to help the environment and thus the environment will help communities. By bringing people and the environment together with practical local action they hope to expand their wider impact.

Groundwork helps projects that include: Tackling climate change by helping people out of fuel poverty; Bringing out the best in young people by helping them to improve their local area; Building stronger communities by improving parks, playgrounds and other shared green spaces and getting people back into work by creating green jobs.

Whilst Mica organised the event to raise money directly for Groundwork’s UK she was also taking the opportunity to tell people about her own project – Project V.

Project V is a campaign to support and raise awareness of victims affected by sexual assault and rape. Mica has been leading on the setup of this project and was recently successful in getting some funding for the project through the Humberside Youth Association funding pot. She’ll be using the money to help promote her project even further online and off.

Mica has been supported throughout her work over the last year by the VANEL IGNITE team and Victoria Russell in particular. It’s a great example of how IGNITE is here to support younger people in their efforts to campaign, run projects, apply for funding and more. Mica is an inspirational leader getting things done!

So huge congratulations to Mica for pulling off a wonderful event!

If you’re aged under 30 yourself and have ideas of projects you’d like to get of the ground and want some support and advice, then get in touch with the IGNITE team at VANEL. Or if you know someone who you think should get support, point them in our direction.