Governance Weekly for 10th August

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Previously I’ve pointed you towards this “blistering polemic” article on the NPC website from the Chair of the RNIB.  It’s an example of the passion that getting governance right in the charitable sector stirs up.  This week there’s another challenging and thought provoking article for you to consider.

“Two years on from Kids Company, it’s time to decide if charities are worth saving” on the Guardian Voluntary Sector Network is well worth a read.

These articles are designed to get us thinking.  Too often our approach to governance and leadership in the sector is pretty much ‘business as usual’.  There’s always short term thinking and planning, often medium term planning but far less often, long-term planning.  But we owe it to ourselves, our organisations and our beneficiaries to occasionally look far into the future and consider what it means.

This is not all ‘pie in the sky’ thinking.  Only recently, Scope – a large national charity – made a really big step to stop being a charity and to become a “social purpose business” in a step that completely changes it’s approach to governance.  So these changes are possible. (Read more about this here.)  If they can do it, should others?

So, amongst all the day to day hassles and the short term reactive work and medium term proactive work, do you and your board need to step well back and think long term into the future and decide how to proceed?

Training Reminders

We’re re-running our workshop to discuss the new “Charity Governance Code” on Tuesday 15th August. Details here If you want to know about the new code and how to apply it to develop your board’s governance practices then this workshop will be invaluable.

Our next August training course is “Technology for Trustees” on the 16th August (info here)

And if you have new trustees, perhaps inexperienced trustees, or simply trustees that need a refresher on what the role is all about, then the next dates for our “Induction and Refresher Training for Trustees” are Tuesday 5th September (10-12), Wednesday 27th Sept (2-4) and then 24th Nov (3-5). Booking essential. Contact Karl

Our full training calendar for governance and trusteeship related courses is here.

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