Governance Weekly for 28th July

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It’s time again for NCVO to publish their monthly governance roundup on their blog.  You can read it here.  Main news this month is of course the launch of the new Charity Governance Code.  They also are promoting their own Trustee Conference in November with a note that the Information Commissioner will be presenting there on the topic of GDPR.  This is important because GDPR will be affecting all of us over the next year, so it’s time to get prepared. The Winifred Tumin prize for governance is also announced as are changes to the legislation around PSC (Persons with Significant Control).  Take the time for a quick read of their news.

Also worth a read is a NCVO blog post by Julia Unwin – “Civil Society Futures: Have your say”.  We are all part of Civil Society and will be no doubt influenced long term by whatever this Independent Inquiry determines.  So now is the time for you to have your say.  Read the article, check out Civil Society Futures and contribute.

Last week the Charity Governance Code had just been launched so I covered it in some depth in the blog post here. We’ve scheduled another workshop to help you get to grips with the new Code and for you and your board to apply it to the way you work.  On Tuesday 15th August, 3-5pm at VANEL offices.  Check your diary and book your place.  Full details on our Trustee Network website here.

Remember that the dates for all our other upcoming Governance courses are here.  And remember that all of our training sessions can be arranged on a bespoke basis too to suit the needs of your boards/committee. Contact me direct to discuss or to book.

Worth a read (and pretty controversial) is this short publication from NPC written by the chair of the RNIB.  Called “We need brave, in-your-face, hard-headed governance”.  It’s about a brave board of Trustees being able to hold management to account. Have a read & see what you think.

And finally this week is another publication from NPC, this time a hugely rewarding and positive set of essays about the sector and how it needs a new narrative for the future.   Read “Flipping the narrative: Essays on transformation from the sector’s boldest voices” here. It’s part of NPC’s State of the Sector work and it affects us all. Start reading it through and perhaps you could as a board take the topics one by one to see how you can play your part.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on the contents of this report.

More news next week.

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