Governance Weekly for 29th June

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We have a completely new training calendar of events covering governance, trusteeship and leadership assembled for the next few months. Every detail will be available in due course on our Trustee Network website (being redeveloped here –

July 2017
Fri 28 Jul – “Developing governance by using the Code“

August 2017
Tue 1 Aug – “Induction and Refresher Training for Trustees“
Wed 16 Aug – “Technology for Trustees“

September 2017
Tue 5 Sept – “Finances for non-financial Trustees“
Fri 15 Sept – “Trustees are Volunteers too“

October 2017
Tue 17 Oct – “Improving Inductions“
Tue 24 Nov – “Induction and Refresher Training for Trustees“

All the details about these courses are here.

And remember that all of our training sessions can be arranged on a bespoke basis too to suit the needs of your boards/committee. Contact me direct to discuss or to book.

You’ll notice that our very first workshop is “Developing governance by using the code” on 28th July. This workshop will with a bit of luck follow quickly on from the release of the new Charity Governance Code which is now expected to be published in a full and final form at the start of July. This code replaces the valuable (but long unchanged) Code of Good Governance which, up until now has been the go-to framework that boards, charities and committees have been able to use for self-assessment and self-development in all things governance. So watch out for the release of the new Code and then come along to our workshop to find out much more about it and learn how to use it as a powerful way in which your board or committee can make your governance approach even stronger.

If you have new(er) trustees or trustees that need a refresher about their role, then our next “Induction and Refresher Training for Trustees” courses have been scheduled. All the details are here and the next dates are Tuesday 1st August or 24th November.

If you are a chair/co-chair/vice-chair of your organisation then you may be aware of the Association of Chairs. And the Association has recently received a significant grant boost to its funding (see article here). This should increase its capacity to provide additional support to charities Chairs across England. I hope at least some of this will trickle down to support than can help us locally in North East Lincolnshire, so we’ll be watching their developments closely. Much of their offer will of course be for their membership but I hope some will in due course be available more widely.

I often write about the need for trustees and boards to keep an eye on the ‘external environment’ otherwise it can affect your organisation without you ‘being in control’ – much better to steer your own course rather than being swept along with the current (or at least make an attempt to be at the helm!). So in that light I can recommend you spending some time reading this report from NPC – “Charities taking charge: transforming to face a changing world”. It’s a result of NPC’s recent state of the sector survey and with a bit of luck there are some tips in there that you can learn from to help you be a little bit more proactive in your governance approaches.

And finally, there will be no “Governance Weekly” column for the next few weeks now – it’s holiday time and your Editor is now away. Normal service will resume around 19th July. See you then.

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