Did you get “The View from the Top”?

Issue 3 of our governance and trusteeship focused e-newsletter went out last week. “The View from the Top” is now a monthly e-publication and goes directly to the inbox of any trustee, committee member or director of VANEL member or friend organisations. So if you think that includes you and you’ve not been receiving your copy then please email karl@vanel.org.uk directly so you can be added to the subscriber list.

The issue this month included:
Some governance related news:
– Trustees under the spotlight
– Trusteeship in small charities
– Volunteer Survey
Some longer articles:
– Diversity, younger trustees and new perspectives…
– The 4 D’s of Governance
– Can you confidently say you have Good Governance?
– Understand your own rulebook
– Digital Again
– Our “opportunity knocks” section about funding new trustees and listing local trustee opportunities
– A good read detailing a couple of useful reports and publications
– And Can we help you? Where we outline the governance and trusteeship support that VANEL can offer our members

Older articles for older issues will soon be available online, but subscribers will continue to get the e-newsletter first and will have the opportunity to ask questions, add comments, open and engage with discussions and more online to be supported in their roles as trustees or committee members.

We’ll also be using a new Twitter account @aboutgovernance to start talking about all things trustee related in the future.

Want to ask about anything trustee or governance related? Just contact Karl Elliott at VANEL via karl@vanel.org.uk, or 01472 361043