Nominate your volunteers for local awards

Volunteering is central to the way most of our groups work; without the volunteers we could not deliver the range of quality services that we do.

How many times do we forget to celebrate the support that they give us? How often do we take the time to say thank you to them for everything that they do? How often do we want to shout about the incredible things that they do but struggle to find someone to listen?

Well, here is your chance! Nominations are now open for the 2015/16 Volunteer Awards. This is your chance to nominate the volunteers that you work with who are shining stars.

These particular awards came about from an inspiration at West Marsh Community Centre – who themselves rely on and value their volunteers.  Having received support from a number of partners, the awards are now open ready for nominations and building up to an awards ceremony in September.

The categories for nominations are:

Young Award – This award is to recognise outstanding service for a young person aged between 5/15

Junior Award – This award is to recognise outstanding service for a young person aged between 16/25

Senior Award – This award is to recognise outstanding service for a young person aged between 25+

Sports Award – We present this award for someone who has gone above and beyond their remit in their sporting activities

Dance/Art/Music Award – As the category suggests this award is not just to find someone who can do any of the activities, it’s awarded to someone who partakes in all activities be it by Tutoring or participant.

Team/ Group Award – This award is to recognise the outstanding achievements of a particular team

There will also be a Long Service Award and a Judges Award.

The main rule for nominations is that they cannot be compensated in any way for the role that they are undertaking. Please note however that claiming expenses is not classed as being compensated for the role.

The closing date for nominations is Wednesday 16th August 2016 and should be sent to:
The Northern Lincolnshire Volunteer Service, c/o VANEL, The Willows, 23 Bargate, Grimsby, DN34 4SS  or email to:

The nominations for the awards will be judged by an independent panel.

A nomination form can be downloaded here.



Awards will be presented later in the year.

The awards ceremony will take place on Friday 16th September 2016, from 7.30pm at Cue World. The event is ticketed and costs £5 per ticket.

The event is being managed and run by the West Marsh Community Centre team so contact them direct for tickets and any questions related to the event.

West Marsh Community Centre, Beeson Street, Grimsby
01472 269230