Autism Drop-In Advice and Information Day

Open Door Health will be hosting an Autism Drop-In Advice and Information day on behalf of North East Lincolnshire’s Autism strategic agenda.   The autism Drop-In Day will be held at Open Door’s Health Centre on Albion Street on February 26th between 10 am and 2 pm.

Autistic Spectrum Conditions affect 1 in 100 births worldwide and based on these figures it is estimated that a minimum of 2000 people have Autism in the North East Lincolnshire region.   If associated similar conditions are also considered this figure may be considerably higher.

Autism is a condition that not only has a significant impact on the individual, but on their families and the local community.   More and more children are believed to being born with an autistic condition but it is also being recognised in many older individuals in our area who have struggled with a variety of issues to varying degrees, throughout their lifetimes.    Autism can have an effect on the development of social skills; being able to understand other people and making themselves understood and also causes sensory issues which may mean the person can be overwhelmed in busy environments.   They are very vulnerable to misunderstanding, discrimination and abuse.

Individuals, families, carers and those who work with people with Autism (or suspect they may have an autistic spectrum condition) often do not know where to go for advice and support.   Therefore agencies and support groups across North East Lincolnshire have decided to come together to provide this advice and information day.