Welcome to the Technology blog

Welcome to my new Technology blog.

Since 2010, I’ve been running an IT Supporters Network and then a WebClub for VANEL, and have occasionally and irregularly blogged articles related to technology on various websites we’ve had for those projects. However, to mark the start of 2013 and the new VANEL website, I’m going to concentrate my IT & tech blogging here.

At the moment we still have a website dedicated to WebClub at www.vanel.org.uk/webclub, but that may disappear over time.

You can still follow my random thoughts on IT via Twitter at @vaneldigital.


Background in Computer Science (in the 80’s), involved in software development (since the 80’s) and web development (since the web was invented in the 90’s), advising small businesses on matters including IT & technology since 2001, and involved via VANEL in supporting charities and VolComs with technology since 2009.

Specialising in real world, practical, pragmatic approaches to technology to help organisations benefit from tech properly. Currently specialising on WordPress.

Support for you

Currently I run WebClub – a meeting/training workshop/discussion & troubleshooting group that meets every two weeks to help support local groups wanting to develop, improve, fix or evolve their websites or online presence. If you have any issues at all around online technology WebClub may be for you.

I also deliver occasional training sessions or briefings on technical topics. Keep an eye on our website for information about such courses and sessions.

This blog

This blog is NOT a ‘how to do it’ blog. There will be no technical guides which you can follow. Why? Because information about how to do things on the web is everywhere – online, magazines, magbooks in WHSmiths etc. Many people dedicate time and effort in explaining how to do things – I can’t usefully compete with or add to this.

But, in my experience, people working in or with local VolComs need something different. A way is needed to decide what they don’t know about technology and how to find it out and apply it in practice. Guidance and support is needed to help people find and understand the information that will help them. Inspiration and ideas are needed. Complex topics need to be simplified. People need support as they take practical steps with technology.

This is where my WebClub initiative provides support – by taking a practical approach to what people really need to know about technology.

At VANEL we’re continually experimenting with technology to “do things better or to do better things”. I’ll share information about these experiments and anything else which I hope will be of value.

Got a comment on something I write? Need an answer to something technical? Drop me an email at karl@vanel.org.uk and I’ll see how I can help.

Enjoy the blog.