Governance Blog – Welcome

VANEL has been championing Good Governance within local Voluntary and Community Organisations and Charities for the past few years.  We’ve previously run both a Trustee Network and a Leadership Network to encourage improvements in governance, and although these networks no longer run, we’re again keen to help encourage and enable local groups and organisations to develop their Governance.

Governance refers to the way in which committee members, trustees or executive members led, steer and guide their organisations.  Governance is not management.  Nor is it just about sticking to the regulations and laws (although trustees, committee members etc do have legal obligations).  It is everything to do with ensuring your organisation is fit and proper, operating well and has a good chance of long term survival.

Governing an organisation is not about turning up to meetings, making decisions and recording minutes.  That’s a necessary procedural mechanism.  Governance is about protecting and safeguarding your organisation’s assets and future.  It’s about supporting the team, about stretching yourselves and about scrutinising the way the organisation works.

And, increasingly, good governance needs to be demonstrated to funders or partners.  And good governance doesn’t necessarily come easily.  It can be a skill that governing individuals (and organisations collectively) need to learn and practice.

Fortunately, every organisation needs governance, so there are many tools, frameworks, support structures, guidelines and examples of good practice that can help you.

VANEL is keen to keep supporting our Members and Friends with their Governance.  So this blog will hopefully share some resources, ideas and approaches that you will find useful.

Keep an eye on this blog, but if you have any questions about Governance, please feel free to speak with your VANEL Account Manager or contact Karl Elliott, Development Manager at VANEL who will be able to discuss this with you.