Why you should be taking advantage of our Cyber Security Training

You’ll have noticed that VANEL is offering Cyber Security training sessions once again. We delivered a successful session back in February and are now able to offer new sessions starting at the end of October.

So, have you thought about Cyber Security at all? Most small charities, social enterprises and community groups haven’t. But if you hold details about people (staff, volunteers, beneficiaries), or have any money in your bank account or have an online reputation you’ve worked hard to build, then you’re at risk of cyber attack/crime. Even incidental and trivial issues will cause you problems, take up valuable time, cost you money, damage your image or potentially get you breaching GDPR without intending to.

Yet you can keep your risks down by taking a number of simple precautions. But you need to know what these steps are. And if you’re not technically minded that adds to the difficulty.

So, these Cyber Security sessions are designed to be simple and practical, focused on the specific ways charities and the not for profit sector works, and studded with examples so you can understand what we’re talking about and how to put it into practice.

These sessions have been organised nationally through NAVCA, and VANEL was involved in the pilot stage of the programme and has been asked again to deliver sessions in North East Lincolnshire. Funding for the programme comes from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) who are very keen to help support the charitable sector get on top of cyber security.

I (Karl) have been trained at NCSC by Cub Llewellyn-Davies so the course I will be delivering locally uses the NCSC materials and structure, but we’re tailoring it to local needs (and will be supported at these sessions by local cyber crime police support).

You can meet Cub from NCSC in this video here where he explains exactly why NCSC are running these initiatives and why it is important for non-profit organisations to get support.

The guide that we’re working through is also available online at NCSC here.

So, if you can get to this advice online why come to the session? For the single reason that we’ll help ground the ideas in reality and with practical steps and help you to understand the more unfamiliar aspects of the technology.

By way of example: The guide makes clear about the importance of backups and how Cloud backups can be very useful. Yet, many people have told me that they don’t like or trust the Cloud, so it’s not for them. Well if you are responsible for the management and safeguarding and protection of your organisation then you can’t work from a basis of something you like/don’t like or don’t trust. So hopefully at one of our sessions we’d be able to talk through the realities of Cloud technology so that you can form a reasoned approach to work out whether the benefits outweigh the risks, what the pros and cons are and whether some part of this would be helpful to your organisation or not. You can’t do that by reading a checklist off the internet.

If you’re involved with running/managing/leading a local charity, social enterprise, non-profit, voluntary or community group then book yourself onto one of our Cyber Security sessions.

The first session is on 30th October in Grimsby – see details here. Further sessions will be planned in November and December around Cleethorpes and Grimsby. So, get in touch to book on the first session, or if you can’t make that one, get your name onto the waiting list.

All the details about the session including how to book are in this previous article here.

Any questions get in touch with me (Karl Elliott, karl@vanel.org.uk, 01472 231123).