Winter is coming…

Winter is coming. We’ve had a mild December but that doesn’t mean that a tough winter isn’t round the corner. A national campaign is trying to make people are aware and prepared.

So are you Weather Ready? Two-thirds of British people have been caught out by severe weather, according to the latest research from the Met Office, despite 9 in 10 believing that preparing for winter weather is important. To help the public be better prepared for severe weather all year round, the Met Office is launching ‘WeatherReady’. Run in partnership with Cabinet Office, the initiative provides expert advice on travel, protecting your home and your health and wellbeing. Find out more about this new national campaign here.

Take the advice yourself, share it with friends and family, your clients and beneficiaries and others you connect to. Help everyone be better prepared. Download

All the information is online here including posters and displays to print and share. Share around your offices, your community centres, tell your families and so on. The more people are aware in advance and get ready, the better.

VANEL also has access to many Blue Lights Brigade volunteers who are experience in this sort of preparation work. Perhaps if your community organisation or venue would like direct advice on how to prepare for the winter (or other emergencies) then we could get a volunteer to speak with you. If this might be helpful please get in touch with Karl or Steve at VANEL who will be able to help. You can find out more about Blue Lights Brigade here.