Welcome to Trustees’ Week

This week is Trustees’ Week (running from 12th-16th November). It’s an annual opportunity to make some noise about the important role of charity Trustees, celebrating their huge voluntary efforts in keeping charities across the UK running, and offering support to boards and Trustees to make them even more effective.

So during this week, keep an eye on the VANEL Blog and our our special Twitter account @aboutgovernance to learn more.

If you are a Trustee of a charity or a committee member of a board of a voluntary organisation, then this week should be about you.

If your board needs an incentive to raise its game, then look out information and resources this week.

If you’re not a Trustee yet but are interested, then this is also the week to find out more.

Each day this week I’ll share something useful on the VANEL blog, but if anything is of interest or you need to discuss anything then please do get in touch direct with me (Karl Elliott, karl@vanel.org.uk, 01472 361043, or @aboutgovernance).

Some updates to kick off the week

On the Charity Commission website you’ll find an introduction to this Trustees’ Week. It also outlines the themes for this years week – which are: diversity in trusteeship, what makes a good trustee and supporting and recruiting trustees.

Trustees’ Week also has a dedicated website here.

NCVO have also published a Trustee Week update today. Read it here. The most important things to note are that most of the NCVO Trustee related resources are available this week for free. They’ve started off by sharing an updated copy of their Governance Wheel tool – something very useful for boards to use to help improve their governance approach.

Another useful resource I’ve already spotted is a set of case studies from people who are already Trustees and why they have got involved in that role. Worth a read if you’re thinking of becoming a Trustee.

Follow up from the Trustee Conference

A major Trustee Conference took place in London last week and there’s lots of follow up information from this that is worth you spending some time looking at.

NCVO have published most of the slides and presentations from the conference here. Not sure how long they’ll remain available, so make sure you take a look at them this week. But there’s a lot of useful information in there for boards to consider. Get to these resources here.

Opportunities as Trustees

VANEL is always encouraging people to look for opportunities as Trustees or to serve on the boards or committees of voluntary groups. And we’ve always got several members who are seeking people to fill roles on their boards. Everyone recruits differently and has different needs, but they always need willing and interested people to come forward.

So if you’re interested in a role as a Trustee please contact VANEL (Karl or Liz) and let us know and we might be able to make some introductions.

If you’re unsure as to what the role is, then please ask to come along to one of our “Could I be a Trustee” workshops. They’re normally free and would give you an idea of what being a Trustee is all about.

At the moment we have some specific roles to be filled:

Interested in flying and education? We’ve got a newly forming charity that inspires a passion of flying in young people seeking Trustees.

A Cleethorpes based charity with housing stock is looking for Trustees.

We’ve got a couple of charities across Grimsby seeking Treasurers.

Other charities are looking to increase the number of trustees on their boards and some are specifically looking for younger people (are you aged 18-30?)

And more groups are telling us about their vacancies all the time.

Get in touch if you’re interested. Or of course, if your organisation is a Member or Friend of VANEL and you’ve got places on your board that need to be filled then please let us know about them.


Trustees’ Week 2018 is only just getting underway, but be sure to keep an eye on our blog and Twitter for resources and news.