The Weston Anniversary Fund is a capital grant scheme that is open for applications until 30th June

This fund provides capital funding for improving community facilities. So if you’ve got a relevant project then check out their website to find out more about the fund, check eligibility criteria and start applying.

All the information is on their website here.

An overview:

Weston Anniversary Fund Snapshot

One off grants scheme in 2018 to support Capital projects that will benefit local communities across the UK

Open to UK registered charities, CIOs, places of worship and state schools only with a total income under £3million

Grants range from £30,000 – £150,000

Total project costs not to exceed £300,000

Applications to be submitted online

Applications open on 5th January and close on 30th June 2018

Decisions will not be made until October 2018

You can apply to the Fund even if your organisation is currently in receipt of a grant from, or has been rejected by the Garfield Weston Foundation within the past 12 months

Planning permission (where relevant) will need to be in place prior to submitting your application by the 30th June

Grants will need to be spent and projects fully completed by the end of 2020.