Community Shredders across the borough. If in doubt, shred it out…

Last week we introduced the concept of tackling the growing problem of Identity theft by shredding your documents. (Last week’s article here).

A project led by West Marsh Community Centre and funded by the Crime Reduction Fund has put four shredders out in the community (Grimsby, Cleethorpes and Immingham).

We now have a web page with all the information you need – visit Thanks to the Neighbourhood Watch Network website for hosting this.

There are also now flyers/posters promoting the shredding service both generally and for each area.

So please help us to spread the word. Tell people using your service about the shredders. Print off a relevant poster and display it somewhere – or hand it out.

Tell people you come into contact with. The more personal information that gets shredded, the better. Documents or credit cards thrown in the bin raise the risk of identify theft and fraud – which nobody wants to happen. So lets help educate people to the risks and help them protect themselves.

Tell your staff, your volunteers, your users, your visitors, your family.

If in doubt, shred it out.