Beach hut No 9 in Cleethorpes is once again open for bookings

Beach Hut No 9 has been closed up over the winter, but it’s now open and available for rental now ‘the season’ has started.

We started things off with a open family fun event on 9th April, with quite a bit of attendance, weather that was not too poor, and volunteers to help the session run well. In fact over 30 families turned up during the day and we managed to raise £45 from donations which will be handed onto RNLI Cleethorpes.

We also unveiled the new Punch and Judy setup! Thanks to Steve Lynn a proper wooden theatre has been created for our Punch and Judy puppets and then Creative Start got involved in making the theatre properly presentable. You can see from the photos that it certainly looks the part.

Punch and Judy has been part of beachside entertainment for years, so we’re keeping with tradition by getting this created! We wrote about Punch and Judy when we researching for the Bygone Beachcombers project at Beach Hut 9 last year – you can read about that here.

The Punch and Judy theatre can also be borrowed for community events or by schools – so get in contact with Steve Lynn or Rebecca Freeman if you’re interested.

But Punch and Judy is also used specifically to discuss the issues of domestic abuse – with Rebecca and the Safer Communities using it as a teaching tool. Again, if this would be of interest to your group – get in touch.

But of course the Beach Hut is now available to hire.

You can get all the information about Beach Hut 9 on the Capacity Buildings website just here (Capacity Buildings Ltd lease the beach hut and coordinate a number of the projects there, alongside VANEL, Blue Lights Brigade volunteers and the Safer Communities team).

Specific details about booking the Hut are here.

See you there soon.

All photographs here courtesy of Creative Start who did the painting and decorating!
See article about this project on their website here.