Be on the lookout for CEO fraud

The Charity Commission has issued an alert to the third sector, warning of fraudsters posing as CEOs and senior figures to request that funds be transferred. Action Fraud, the UK’s national fraud reporting centre, have reported an increase in this type of fraud.

Things to look out for include requests to your finance department or staff with authority to transfer funds. These will usually be sent from a spoofed email address that is likely to look similar to that of the person being impersonated. The initial request for funds may even be backed up by a phone call from the fraudster to make themselves appear legitimate. The Charity Commission has detailed more signs to look out for and some tips to protect against fraud which you can find here.

This isn’t a distant, unlikely warning.  VANEL and other local organisations have seen these sorts of fraudulent requests over the past couple of years.  So forwarned is forearmed.