GDPR latest

Up to now, under current Data Protection laws, you’ll have been registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) as a Data Controller (unless you are exempt). And you’ll have been paying a fee (£35 I think). Well the rules are changing when GDPR kicks in.

In essence a proposal has been put forward for new fee structures and tiers which will ensure that the ICO remains funded. Having looked through the guidance I think it implies that any charity should end up paying around the same fee (£35 assuming you pay by direct debit). So the changes and impact are likely to be minor. Nevertheless, take heed of the upcoming changes and make sure you’re registering properly when it becomes appropriate. Read more here.


If you work with children then you’ll going to need to keep a particular eye on the GDPR guidance as it gets firmed up. There has been a consultation on GDPR and children (which has recently closed), so as the guidance gets formalised as a result you’ll need to consult it. Read an ICO article here which kicked off that consultation.


Have a read of this very useful, high-level bit of legal advice from NCVO – “What to consider when preparing for GDPR”

The article includes a link to a video recording of a recent GDPR webinar run by a legal firm. This is the sort of resource anyone on your team involved with getting GDPR sorted out should be investing 45minutes of their time watching. Watch it here.


VANEL have a couple of dates coming up for our “GDPR basics” workshops. A two hour workshop looking at implementation of GDPR from a practical, “what do I need to do” perspective. See our calendar here and my recent post outlining details of the course.

Voluntary Action NORTH LINCOLNSHIRE and Sector Support NEL have organised another style of training day for GDPR in April too. See here for all the details.


We’ve now got a page on the VANEL website with some quick links to useful websites and resources related to GDPR. Visit the page here. If you’ve found a really useful resource yourself please email me and let me know and I’ll add it to the page.