Welcome on board: learn about new VANEL member organisation – KeyRing

Keyring Living Support Network is UK wide and the Grimsby Network is our latest new member organisation.

“Key Ring supports people to live a more independent and fulfilled life.”

KeyRing was originally formed back in 1990 as an organisation that was to solely work with individuals with learning difficulties. To say things have changed since then would be a considerable understatement. The branch in Grimsby specialises specifically in working with adults who have mental health needs, dementia, physical and or sensory disabilities and learning disabilities. KeyRing have three main principles that they work by;
– Rights and Respect
– Equality and Inclusion
– Influence and Change

With these principles in mind, KeyRing are serious about those they support getting the best opportunities possible. KeyRing believe that being involved in the local community is the best way to do this and that mutual support and volunteering are great vehicles for getting to know people and developing skills and confidence.

As a result of the principles, KeyRing offers its members a wide range of services. From volunteering opportunities, to access to employment and training, KeyRing are focussed in developing independence and independent living skills. Members are invited to attend fortnightly hub meetings where they are encouraged to network with others in the community and to try new things. Further to this, they learn additional skills and are encouraged to help other members.

They also offer a Support for Living at Home Service. This service provides personalised support in matters surrounding giving their members more choice and control over situations. In addition to this, they match their employee’s skills to the needs of the people they are supporting to ensure maximum engagement.

For more information on KeyRing, you can contact the local support manager Anne Palmer on 07920 492 836 or via on email; anne.palmer@keyring.org

Website – www.keyring.org