Blue Lights Brigade further success announced at VANEL AGM

Thank you to everyone who attended the VANEL AGM at West Marsh Community Centre on Thursday 12th October. We got through all the formalities of the Annual General Meeting quickly and efficiently, a number of people had their prearranged funding 1:1 appointments, but we were especially pleased to be able to also hold a quick discussion about the Blue Lights Brigade project and it’s new success.

John Ford from the Tribune Trust was on hand for the event – both to meet people for funding discussions – but also to present a cheque to Steve Lynn from VANEL who is leading the Blue Lights Brigade Project. Blue Lights Brigade has been funded from the Big Lottery, but the recently approved funding from Tribune Trust means that we can expand the impact and reach of the Blue Lights Brigade even further now.

Steve received the cheque from John in the company of Steve Jones who is soon to be retiring from Humberside Police and has already joined the Blue Lights Brigade project as one of the first volunteers.

Tribune Trust had already invested funding into Beach Hut No. 9 in Cleethorpes in the early stages to support their the Community Safety work and this additional funding into Blue Lights Brigade is part of their recognition of the valuable work the project is beginning to do.

More about Blue Lights Brigade in general here and watch out for future news from the project soon.


l-r, Steve Jones (Humberside Police & Blue Lights Brigade volunteer), Steve Lynn (VANEL), John Ford (Tribune Trust)