Funding Opportunity From Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust

The objectives of the Trust are to donate to UK registered charities whose purposes encompass one or more of the following:

  • to benefit or protect animals
  • to relieve animals from suffering
  • to conserve wildlife
  • to encourage the understanding of animals

Donations are considered three times each year, usually in March, July and November, by a panel of up to 7 trustees and range from £1,000 to a normal maximum of £10,000. Smaller donations may be awarded between the meetings at the discretion of the Chairman and Administrator of the Trust.

Application Form: Questionnaire to download from the website to complete and send with other documentation as detailed.

Deadline:15th May (for July meeting) 15th September (for November meeting).

Contact: Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust, P.O.Box 46, London, W14 8PJ   email: