Free Cancer Champions Training at Centre 4

You would be hard pushed to find someone who can say that they haven’t been affected by cancer in someway. Whether it be a friend or relative, well all know at least one person who has been diagnosed with some form of cancer.
Did you know that one in two of us will develop cancer within our lifetime? A frightening statistic and a sobering reminder about the importance of early detection.
However, its not all bad news. More and more people diagnosed with cancer are surviving than ever before. This is due to advances in medical treatment, and, most importantly, early detection and intervention. It is estimated that up to 10,000 lives could be saved every year in the UK if efforts to improve diagnosis and early presentation to the GP are increased. That’s 27 lives each day.
Are you interested in learning more about cancer and helping to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms? You may be interested to know that HealthWatch North East Lincolnshire are offering free Cancer Champions training at Centre 4 on Wooton Road, Nunsthorpe.
The training only takes a few hours and upon completion you will become a certified Cancer Champion and receive a certificate and badge.
The course is free to attend and lunch is provided. Free parking available on site.
Contact the number below for more information and to find out future dates.
Please contact: 01472 232265