Your Life Is the Greatest Love Story. This week’s Young Reporters article

Tess Guinery once said that “You have all you need, right now, right here – now go make life beautiful” and this manifestation of life being the holder of all things delightful, emphasises the importance of romanticising your life. Do you truly notice the little things around you? Is your life just becoming an endless stream of breaking news and Facebook posts? It’s time to start living, not just surviving.

Right now, you’re probably reading this sat on your sofa just like every other Tuesday morning. The world is moving outside but for these ten minutes you are still, pondering over my words alongside your morning coffee. These ten minutes of peace and quiet are valuable, but do you recognise the beauty of them? The inky touch of the words on your newspaper that leave a shadow on your fingertips or the bitter smell of your coffee filling the kitchen as the sun beams through your window. How can this not be beautiful? You see, you’re living a life of constant movement, a life that never stops but for these ten minutes just try to appreciate the smaller things. The moments in your life that could mean something. Begin to find the beauty in everything, including your morning coffee.

Instead of spending hours of your day scrolling endlessly through social media and liking every post you see regardless of if it means something to you or not, take a break. Look out of your window and breathe. The hard screen of your phone will never replace the touch of someone else’s skin. That photo of your friend on Facebook cannot replace the glistening in their eyes when you see them face to face. Do you really want to live your life through a screen? Are you content with seeing the world exist on your television whilst the trees are blowing loudly in the wind and the sun shines on every crack in the pavement? You will not find happiness in the dull glare of technology. Whilst you sit for hours on end staring at the same four walls, plants begin to grow and the sun begins to set. Are you starting to realise what you are missing out on?

Once you step outside of the routine and the expectations of your daily life and believe that everything you do is beautiful, your life suddenly becomes reminiscent of the beauty you see in everyone else’s existence. The key is to do everything with a purpose and a little bit of love. Smile at strangers like they are your childhood best friend and watch the happiness take over their tired faces. Observe the way the grass dances in the wind and take note of the peace in every movement. Your life does not have to dramatically change to become beautiful, the beauty just needs to be found. Take a minute now to sit in silence and listen to the world around you. Currently for me, the sun is setting and the buzz of the roads are starting to settle down, the trees are still dancing in the wind as the clouds grow darker and the birds fly away. What do you notice about the world now that you could not see through your television screen? That minute of observation and appreciation has always been available to you but you have been blinded by the phone screen or the urgency of your next deadline. Fall in love with silence. Watch the world become your beauty spot.

Today is the perfect day to start your love story with your life. Listen to the singing of the birds in the morning. Enjoy the smell of freshly cut grass. Listen to the pouring of the rain. Value the brightness of the sun. Dance in thunderstorms. Sing like no one is listening. Read that book. Write letters to the people you love. Appreciate that you are loved. Romanticise your life so that these precious moments do not go unnoticed. You should be waiting to live because one day this will all be over and you do not want to still be asking ‘when?’. Your time is now.

Wake up every day like it is your birthday.

Article by Young Reporter Ellie Cox
First appeared in Grimsby Telegraph 7th July 2020