North East Lincolnshire’s Public Health team is hosting a series of interactive seminars for all those stakeholders who contribute to or influence the health and wellbeing of our  local population.

Using an outcome based accountability approach, these seminars will cover a range of interesting topics.  All topics will  cover significant, ongoing and persistent health issues for North East Lincolnshire, which require partners to work together and implement new and innovative approaches.

Seminar 1: Stopping young people from smoking

Date: Monday 2nd November 2015

Venue: Bremerhaven Room, Grimsby Town Hall

The first of these sessions is looking at how we stop young people from smoking. The agenda for the session is attached.

In North East Lincolnshire, although smoking prevalence amongst young people is on the decline (as per the national trend), we consistently score worse than the national and regional average, with large inequalities both in the most deprived wards and amongst vulnerable children, such as looked after children, those children excluded from school and those in contact with the youth offending system.

This seminar will provide local stakeholders with a real opportunity to work together to  determine the reasoning behind these statistics and to identify the main barriers to stopping young people from smoking. The session will then provide an opportunity to generate some new ideas to turn that curve on performance, so that

  1. no child starting school this year will be a smoker in 2025
  2. no more than 5% of 15 year olds will be smokers in 2020

Who is this seminar for?

Anyone working with children and young people, in particular

  • Youth Services
  • Schools
  • Pupil Referral units
  • School nurses
  • Looked after children services
  • Integrated family services
  • Family Hubs / Children’s Centres
  • Health Improvement and lifestyle services
  • CCG
  • Communications
  • Trading Standards
  • DPoW
  • Lincs Inspire
  • Grimsby town football in the community
  • Cancer collaborative
  • Youth offending service
  • Midwifery
  • Elected members, in particular those on health scrutiny
  • The Warehouse
  • Other alternative providers eg  DKM , Newchase House, Sevenhills academy
  • Other voluntary sector organisations, including VANEL
  • Healthwatch NEL
  • Healthcare Assistants

We would like as many people to attend to make these seminars as successful as possible, so please ensure that your service and the important influence it has on the lives of young people is represented.

Please let Lynne Mallinson know if you will be able to attend by emailing her at or on telephone number 325635 by Friday 29 October 2015.