Solar Energy Opportunity


Apologies for any duplicate posts but we thought that this was too good an opportunity to miss so we have posted across all of our networks.

The Key Fund are offering a great deal on solar energy generation that can help generate profits, protect your cash flow  and is cost neutral.

Have a look at the example below…………………..


If you do respond please quote CERT01 as a reference




Typical Scenario:

If a client as current typical electricity costs of £706 per month -£8508 per year

A 49kW Solar PV System Installed at cost of   £52,500 Capital outlay

Serviced by a 6yr Loan of £42,000 and a Grant of £10.500

This will require monthly repayments of : Yr1 £227.5pm (based as interest only holiday for 12 months)

monthly repayments  from Year 2 – 6 of £927.5pm

Total cost of Lending = £58,380

Total 6yr forecast benefit £59,433

Total 20yr forecast benefit £289,575

The offer  provides for the client : 1) A positive cash flow solution 2) Ongoing loan cost within ongoing forecast solar package benefit 3) 13 to 14 years residual investment benefit.

In short the deal enable a cost neutral solution to providing the upfront capital to acquire and install the system and services the debt whilst still making savings on their energy costs until yr 7 whereby the benefit form 13/14 years savings and FITS income.

Quote CERT01

If you are interested please contact

Dave Thornett
Head of Business Development
t: 0114 242 8900 | f: 0114 256 0743 | m: 07960117895
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