Volunteers Week story – so much more than Meals on Wheels

Like all of the VANEL staff team, Paula Grant – Chief Officer at VANEL, has been out volunteering this week as part of national Volunteers’ Week.

Paula was helping out with Fresh Start Meals and Care to prepare and deliver meals on wheels.

Paula says, “UNTIL you get out there on the front line and see what it’s all about, you have no idea how much we can help people.”

The Grimsby Telegraph covered her volunteering experience and you can read the entire article about this on the Telegraph website just here.

All VANEL staff involved in the week have expressed similar feelings – that actually doing being out volunteering really brings it home what is needed, what the experience is like and how valuable each and every volunteer is.

If you’d like more information about volunteering, please learn about our Volunteer Centre based in Grimsby and get in touch.