Volunteering Opportunities with YOS

The North East Lincolnshire Youth Offending Service (YOS) are committed to providing excellent support and development for all volunteers and this is reflected in the fact that for, 2 years running, they have been awarded the highly coveted ‘ Investing In Volunteers award”.

YOS are always looking for people from all backgrounds to join their growing team of volunteers. Volunteers must have an interest in supporting young people within the criminal justice system and have a good understanding of the issues that affect young people today. Other Skills would be reliability, enthusiasm, confidence and the ability to be non judgemental.

Opportunities include:
Appropriate Adult:  Responsible for safeguarding the welfare of a young person who has been held for questioning at a Police Station. Their role is to observe whether the police interview is being conducted fairly and properly as well as facilitating communication between the interviewer and the young person being interviewed.  Also responsible for ensuring that the young person is aware of their rights and to help promote the young person’s physical and mental well being whilst in Custody.

Community Panel Member: They are required to be present at a Youth Offending Panel for all young people who have been received a referral order disposal by the courts.  This is a chance to take a lead in reducing offending by challenging young people who commit crime to take responsibility for their actions and behaviour. Everyone present at the panel will discuss the young person’s case with a view to devising individual and imaginative programmes of work to address young people’s offending behaviour and to help the young person  look at how they  can make amends to the victim and the community.

Want to know more?
Contact Karen Meadows , Team Leader, North East Lincolnshire via 01472 325252