Portable DBS Update

Starting on Monday 17th June 2013 anyone who has a new DBS check will be able to apply for the Update Service; existing DBS checks are unable to register for the Update Service. As part of this only the person named on the DBS check will receive a copy of it and employers will need to see a copy of the DBS check.

The Update Service will charge an annual subscription fee of £13 for paid members of staff and will be free to volunteers. The service is only available online at the present time.

The service will not totally eliminate the need for checks to be performed as they will be needed should circumstance or details on the check change. The Update service is only suitable for positions which are similar and within the same workforce, i.e children or adults. If you do have two certificates for different roles then those certificates can be in the same Update Service account.

Consent can be withdrawn from an organisation accessing your details on the Update Service at any time; you will also be able to access the service to check on your information and as part of this there will be details of organisations that have checked your account.

The information in this update has been taken from the applicant guide to the update service; there is an employer’s guide to the update service available. For full details or to sign up go to www.gov.uk/dbs.