VANEL, local Voluntary and Community Organisations and Websites

An online presence and a website is (in my opinion) vital these days for any charity or group.

If the work of an organisation is important enough for it to exist in the first place, then it’s important to ensure that all relevant communication and engagement channels are used in order to ensure that every possible donor, partner or beneficiary gets to know about your work.

Missing out having a decent website for whatever reason (time, money, skills, fear) is a disadvantage to any organisation in 2013. Large numbers of people assume to look online for information and connections, and online tools, services and approaches can be free, cheap or cost-effective.

(I quite like this infographic explaining why online engagement is important)

So VANEL can offer support to those trying to progress with online technologies.

I run WebClub which meets every two weeks. WebClub members are supported with their web learning and projects through workshops, briefings, teaching, discussion, troubleshooting and more.

WebClub members can access a range of web related resources (magazines, books, software) and importantly can contact me for additional support and direction when they get stuck.

Every month or two I run a free “Cooking up a website” briefing session for anyone needing to understand the very basic principles of what a website is and how to get one built.

For 2013 I’m offering a range of WordPress related training courses at four levels. Currently I schedule the training sessions once there are enough people interested in attending. See below for details of the courses.

What we don’t do is build websites for people as a service. Our aim to help support groups to use technology effectively themselves.

But the fact that we’ve already built many websites for our own projects and for funded or partnered projects hopefully demonstrates our knowledge and experience.

What next?

If you have any questions at all about web technology and your organisation, please get in touch with me and I’ll advise you on what you can do.

Karl Elliott, Development Manager and WebClub Manager
01472 235311

There is currently a separate WebClub website at

I tweet occassionally at @vaneldigital

WordPress Training Courses for 2013

Why WordPress in particular? Because it’s free, simple, usable, well supported, flexible and powerful.

The courses in essence are:
“WordPress for Beginners” – no knowledge needed. 2hour training session. £10pp
“Using WordPress for Real” – follows beginners. 2hour training workshop. £10pp
“Making the most of WordPress” – half-day, more experienced. £25pp
“WordPress Masterclass” – full-day, taking WP to the next level. £50pp

I’ll schedule most sessions once people have expressed interest in booking. If you’re interested get in touch