WordPress training for 2013

Announcing the new “WordPress series” of training sessions for 2013 from VANEL.

WebClub works well for those committing to develop websites and working on those projects over a period of time with support from the club.
But there are still a lot of people needing to understand a tool like WordPress in enough detail to actually make a start or take it to the next level.
So I’ve put together a series of different levels of training sessions around WordPress.

Why WordPress in particular? Because it’s free, simple, usable, well supported, flexible and powerful.  (more reasons in a later technology blog post)

The courses in essence are:

“WordPress for Beginners” – no knowledge needed. 2hour training session. £10pp
“Using WordPress for Real” – follows beginners. 2hour training workshop. £10pp
“Making the most of WordPress” – half-day, more experienced. £25pp
“WordPress Masterclass” – full-day, taking WP to the next level. £50pp

I’ll schedule most sessions once people have expressed interest in booking. But we’ve go a first session of WordPress for Beginners scheduled for 6th February, 9.30am-11.30am.  Places limited so please contact me to book.

*update: rescheduled to 20th February, same time, at the Elms

“Cooking up a website” still exists as a free, occasional briefing to bring people up to speed on what a website is and how to get started.

More details on all of these coming soon.

If you like to discuss any of them please get in touch with me (Karl Elliott) on 01472 235311 or karl@vanel.org.uk.