Social Investment Opportunity North East Lincolnshire

The PSMDB fund is a joint initiative from North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning group and CERT Ltd.

Our fund exists to provide help to establish innovative and financially sustainable services that are capable of delivering our ambitions, by investing in them at an early stage.

Our ambition is to deliver a range of new services, utilising a social enterprise approach, that will enable people in need to avoid hospital admissions, stay in their own homes longer and ensure that people can lead as normal a life as possible during an illness or as a result of incapacity.

By achieving this we want to reduce the costs to the NHS and ensure that the people we care for have the best care possible, in settings they choose and delivered by providers they know and trust.

We are always interested in hearing from people who have ideas and sometimes we are able to commission projects based on local need.

We have two areas of need that we would like to see addressed:

  1. Projects that can tackle social isolation in Immingham. We are interested in a range of activities and luncheon clubs etc. that enable people to get together and get involved with meaningful activities.
  2. Across North East Lincolnshire there is a  need for projects that work to assist people who suffer from deafness and hearing issues and our Board would like to see the following points included in any proposal:
    • Offers advocacy services
    • Offers Interpretation/access to BSL and deaf blind interpreters
    • Has the capacity to accept referrals in for low level support, eg. accessing benefits,  equipment supply,
    • Offers fitting and demonstration of deaf equipment, loop systems
    • Can staff clinics at the assisted  living centre,  probably 2 half days per month
    • Can develop an equipment supply service on a retail model
    • Develops user led peer support networks

If you think that you could deliver such projects and can convince us that they will be financially self- sustaining with-in 12 months please visit our website

Here you will find further details about our funding and all of the information that you need to apply.

We know many people like to talk through their proposals before putting pen to paper however this is not how we work.

The initial proposal form is very small and concise and is our way of assessing whether we think we can fund your idea. Please complete this form and we will get back to you as soon as we have had chance to assess your initial idea.