Imagination of our Thoughts

imagineIn the Imagination of our Thoughts

One of the greatest abilities we have in our life is our imagination, our ability to be able to focus our thoughts and feeling upon something and actually create a picture of it in our mind.

We all have this ability; some of us can create clear pictures they can see in their mind whilst others can only think and feel but not conjure up the picture.  Whatever it is we have a powerful tool we can use to lift and inspire ourselves to create whatever we desire to have in our life if we will stay focused upon it and take the required action.

So if we have this amazing ability why aren’t more of us using it in this way and creating this life we desire?

We all do use this ability but we use it to create pictures of our problems and our weaknesses, we see a problem and we build a picture of it until it overtakes our mind and becomes our life.  Think about how you see a problem, is it a challenge to work at and overcome or is it a big obstacle that is blocking your life and stopping you from moving in the direction you want to go?

We can change; we can start to use our imagination to build pictures of success and joy, we can train our mind to think thoughts that will lift our mind upwards as if we are flying on the wings of eagles and we can see the world from a different perspective.  We can all do this we all have the ability; we can train ourselves to use our imagination to create the life we want by focusing our thoughts and words upon the positive.

Have the greatest day practising using our imagination and seeing ourselves flying through life experiencing all that we desire.

All the Best

Ian Disley

Mental Health Development Worker

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