Rural Matters

Lisa Gibson is our Rural Support Manager.

Lisa has been working within rural North East Lincolnshire to:

Provide development support to rural groups and organisations

From Tenant & Resident Associations and Friends of groups to schools and clubs, development support is available to all.

The use of a SWOT Analysis can help to determine a groups Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Once identified this information can be used to identify like minded organisations with a view to making relevant introductions, helping to widen the groups network. It can also be used to  inform an action plan with a view to making positive changes within the group. The aim is to encourage creative thinking and proactivity with a view to enabling the group to become sustainable.

Want to find out more? Contact Lisa now on 01472 503191.

Provide development support to Town and Parish Councils

Support is available to identify ways in which community development can be integrated into Town and Parish Council practices in order to bring about positive change. Here are some examples of things that have worked in North East Lincolnshire:

Social media is one way of increasing transparency, encouraging participation and a step towards becoming truly representative of the views of your community.

Action Planning is a way of holding those responsible for an action, accountable when working within a large team or wider partnership arrangement. It also enables a group to gather information about its achievements which in turn can be used to support funding applications.

Case Studies are a way of celebrating your successes and aiding others to achieve similar things in their communities. They can also be used to support future funding applications as they help to demonstrate the skills and experiences you have gained in order to achieve success in the past.

Lisa is on hand to support your development and can demonstrate a flexible approach to meeting your needs. Call her today on 01472 503191.

Encourage the use Planning For Real®

Planning For Real® is an eye catching hands on method of engaging and consulting communities. Using a 3D model of the neighbourhood, information is gathered that reflects the needs and aspirations of the community and is used to inform an action plan that is entirely led, influenced and agreed by the community. Once agreed, the community are encouraged to take  action together to resolve some of the issues identified.  Whilst other issues will require expert advice and attention. The plan will also provide the evidence required to succeed in harnessing funding to take the more costly actions forward.

Lisa is the lead for Planning For Real® in North East Lincolnshire and with the support of 13 trained Planning For Real® practitioners is keen to develop and support the execution of community owned action plans throughout the Borough with a view to  making North East Lincolnshire a better place to work live and visit.

For more information or a practical demonstration of how this can work for your community or organisation please contact Lisa on 01472 503191 or