Recycling Champions

Volunteers are being sought by VANEL to become “Recycling Champions”.

Read on to discover more about this project and how you might be able to get involved.

This scheme is open to NELC residents and volunteers must be over 18.

Recycling Champion role:

The role of a Recycling Champion includes:

  • raising awareness of the benefits of recycling to the community
  • encouraging more people to recycle
  • helping people who already recycle

The main tasks and responsibilities are:

In return for free training, free resources, paid expenses and ongoing support, Recycling Champions will help to promote recycling in their local community. After the initial 12 month period Recycling Champions can either continue in the scheme; committing as many hours as they wish or end their volunteering.

The promotional activities can be tailored to each Champions individual skills or areas of interest.

Activities can include:

–       attending a variety of events
–       giving demonstrations to friends, family, neighbours and work colleagues
–       visiting schools or community groups to give talks about recycling
–       writing articles for local magazines and newspapers
–       setting up displays at garden centres, village fetes and other community events to encourage recycling
–       helping to develop community recycling schemes

Recycling Champions will need to send any articles or editorial to VANEL for checking before they are published.

Recycling Champions will be responsible for filling in their expense forms, monitoring forms and diary sheets logging where and when they have undertaken Recycling Champion volunteering. Full training will be given on completing all documentation.

Benefits to the volunteer:

–       receive free training, resources and expenses paid
–       gain experience of working with a variety of new people and groups
–       learn new skills and improve existing skills, including presentation and communication skills
–       become a recycling expert
–       make new friends
–       enhances CV
–       flexible hours
Who is running the scheme?
The Recycling Champion Scheme is run by VANEL in partnership with North East Lincs Council (NELC). The aim of the project is to reduce the amount of waste produced within North East Lincs. These measures will contribute to a more sustainable use of resources through both behavioural and operational change. The Recycling Champion Scheme is a measure which it is hoped will reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

How much time am I expected to volunteer?

This will be agreed with VANEL and yourself and will depend on how much time you can afford to commit to the scheme.  On average though, volunteers will commit to a minimum of 10 hours a month. After the initial 12 months volunteers can choose to leave the scheme, or continue committing as many hours as they would like.

Recycling Champions are able to volunteer at any time, weekends, weekdays, mornings, afternoons or evenings, although they must bear in mind that events tend to be held at weekends, and community groups often meet in the evenings. Although, as stated above, volunteers are able to choose how they would like to promote recycling, so can work around their own availability and interests.

Skills required:

No specific skills are required as training will be given. Volunteers do not need to have experience in recycling in the past, however, good communication skills and some knowledge or interest in recycling are desirable.

We are looking for people from mixed ages, backgrounds, areas and abilities to reflect the communities that they will be working in and promoting the recycling message.

Support and Supervision:

VANEL will support and supervise the volunteers and are available to help with any problems. VANEL will organise further training and networking opportunities, provide advice and information to volunteers, provides display materials and co-ordinate volunteer attendance at larger events.

All Recycling Champions receive a manual at the training session which includes a variety of information. Additional information and task sheets will be sent to add to the manual. Resources such as posters are also available to borrow for events etc. Information will be provided to all Recycling Champions that includes lists of events, recycling related features and news from other Recycling Champions. Recycling Champions get access to the inandaround community websites which can be used for further information on recycling and also specific information on news and events, as well as a discussion forum.

After Recycling Champions have completed 6 months volunteering they will be invited to receive an award and will be included in the next newsletter as a thank you and to celebrate their achievements.


All Recycling Champions will attend a half day training course. The first round of training takes place on (Date to be confirmed) and the second round will be held in (Date to be confirmed). This training session is to ensure all volunteers have the same basic level of knowledge. The training covers the basics of recycling and how best to get the recycling message across, as well as communication and presentation issues.


All travel expenses incurred when volunteering for the Recycling Champion scheme will be paid for, this includes mileage, bus fares and parking costs incurred.

Volunteers will need to complete an expenses claim form, with relevant receipts attached, (including VAT receipts for fuel). Training will be given on how to complete all paperwork.

More information:

A great website about recycling is

Specifically you can watch a range of videos explaining how recycling happens.
Watch them here: How it is recycled…

Here’s one to get you started:

Collection Services – what happens to your waste after collection from RecycleNow on Vimeo.