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Healthy Workplace

VANEL is proud to be a Healthy Workplace (Gold level).

The workplace has a powerful effect on the health of employees. How healthy a person feels affects his or her productivity and how satisfied they are with their job affects their own physical and psychological health. Evidence shows that when organisations proactively improve their working environments by organising work in ways that promote health, absence and injuries decrease, mental health and wellbeing and staff engagement and moral increase.

VANEL therefore signed up to the North East Lincolnshire Healthy Workplace Programme at the beginning of 2012. The areas where employers and employees can take steps to create a workplace that is supportive of and conducive to good health for those who work there are:

•    Musculoskeletal disorders
•    Tobacco smoke and smoking cessation
•    Alcohol and other substance misuse
•    Physical activity
•    Healthy eating
•    Recruitment, retention and rehabilitation
•    Creating a safe and healthy workplace
•    Mental wellbeing and minimising stress

The Healthy Workplace Programme is part of the NE Lincolnshire Specialist Health Promotion Services portfolio of projects, they offer free advice and support to local employers; ranging from free training for staff to a comprehensive programme of work leading to recognition by the Healthy Workplace Awards Scheme.

The scheme has three levels. VANEL worked towards the bronze award during the first six months of 2012, focusing specifically on two of the listed areas, those being healthy eating and creating a safe and healthy workplace. After submitting a portfolio of evidence outlining the health and well being advice and support given to staff, the health promotions and staff training undertaken VANEL were successful in achieving the BRONZE award in July 2012.

We continued with this work and expanded with three further themes – Physical Activity, Mental Wellbeing and Musculoskeletal disorders. We submitted our portfolio of evidence mid 2013 and in September 2013 achieved our SILVER Award.

We continued with the work to look at the final three themes – Recruitment, retention and rehabilitation, Alcohol and other substance misuse and Tobacco smoke and smoking cessation. Following submission of these themes we were awarded GOLD in June 2014, as part of volunteers week.

VANEL believes in our workforce and we believe the Healthy Workplace scheme has been a great success so far.


We’re part of the Healthy Workplace scheme – you could be too.
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