Household Safety

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Read the latest Stay Safe guide.

Find out about Neighbourhood Watch on our NELwatch website

Look for community safety support initiatives in the area where you live through our ward by ward guides

About our Community and Household Safety initiatives

For a number of years now, VANEL has been delivering projects and initiatives across North East Lincolnshire to help protect residents and their households.

Some of our key initiatives have been:

A long term approach to Neighbourhood Networking

The KOPS (Keeping Older People Safe) programme

Stay Safe Guides

Coordinating and delivering a wide range of personal and household security items to residents through a number of ‘cache’ projects

Scams and Fraud awareness initiatives

Administering and supporting Neighbourhood Watch across North East Lincolnshire

A community shredders initiative

In addition we work closely with partners on a several community safety projects including


Safer Streets West Marsh (2021-2022)

Safer Streets East Marsh (2022-2023)

Clear, Hold, Build in Nunsthorpe (2023-)

GRIP CIC initiatives

We work with partners throughout these programmes and rely on funding from a range of organisations. Thank you to all our funders.