VANEL has a huge amount of technology and website experience and expertise in-house.  Some of this is of course shared through our WebClub, but we are also on occasion able to provide support to Members and Friends with their website development or troubleshooting work.  We usually build websites for our own projects and partners, but are sometimes able to offer advice or support services with your websites.

Some of our project websites

This VANEL website has been built in-house at VANEL.

Community websites across North East Lincolnshire (INandAROUND) have been built by VANEL.

Websites for Supporting Volunteers Award built by VANEL.

Website for OSSCAs 2013 built in-house.

Website built by VANEL for a Health Consultation Project.

We currently specialise in WordPress websites.

To discuss how we might be able to advise or support you with websites, please contact Karl Elliott, Development Manager at VANEL.