IT Support

VANEL can help groups with their IT support tasks. 

We already provide advice, training and support around website development and internet technologies via our WebClub.  But our IT Engineer is able to help Members/Friends with a variety of technical services such as setting up laptops, configuring email and so on.

We treat each case specifically, so please contact us to discuss what you might need.  We charge a simply hourly rate of £25 per hour, but specific quotes can be prepared based on the combination of tasks that are needed.

We’ll also start by reviewing your IT systems, issues and requirements with you for free to advise what your options are.  With IT solution there are very often many possible options, so we’ll help you decide what needs doing.

Some example tasks we can help you with:

– Running Operating System updates on computers.
– Configuring anti-virus systems.
– Setting up network drives.
– Configuring domains or hosting accounts for websites.
– Configuring email systems.
– Installing and setting up office software.
– setting up printers, scanners or other hardware
– moving systems between computers
– establishing better, more efficient technological working processes.

Often we combine a range of services to ensure you are up and running.  Read our case study below for a recent piece of IT support work we provided to one of our members.

We do try and avoid some IT tasks – there are other dedicated IT support organisations locally who can help you with these.  Such tasks might include installing physical network cabling or setting up or reconfiguring servers.

We can also deal with other specialist tasks such as designing databases or writing software, but these are more significant in terms of effort, time and costs, as as with anything please contact us to discuss your needs.


Karl Elliott, Development Manager at VANEL via / 01472 235311 for more information.

Andy Mason is our IT Engineer,

Case Study

We recently completed a set of IT support tasks for a Cleethorpes based Member.

They had purchased three new laptops to replace three ageing and broken office PCs.  We helped them to:

Complete the installation of the 3 laptops with Windows 7 updates, anti virus software and a proper installation of Office
We installed a network hard drive and shared it with the laptops, creating secure areas for each user.  This drive replaced the current, ancient server
We sorted out a new domain and hosting for their website, setup new email accounts and established outlook properly on each of the office machines.
and we optimised a few other things whilst we were at it, including networking some printers again.

The charity had been ok with purchasing hardware, but far less certain in dealing with all the efficient setup that was needed to get the office running again.  We did these tasks for them on site at a hugely competitive rate and since then they’ve found IT literate volunteers to help them with day to day troubleshooting and maintenance of their systems.