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East Marsh Community Cache

The East Marsh Community Cache is a part of the Safer Streets East Marsh programme (led by North East Lincolnshire Council. funded by the Home Office and running through 2022-23).

As a Safer Streets Community Champion, VANEL delivers this Cache project.

Small items of personal and household safety equipment can be provided for free to eligible households within the delivery area of the Safer Streets programme in the East Marsh of Grimsby and to residents in the wider East Marsh ward.

These items generally require no complex installation, but provide simple, cost-effective ways to help people feel safer and more secure in their own homes and when out and about.

Items available include:
personal alarms or anti-snatch items;
timer plugs to allow you to turn lights on when you are out;
TV simulators – pretend your TV is on;
sensor night lights – keep parts of your house illuminated;
battery powered door handle and window alarms – sense movement

Other items can be provided as necessary and the range evolves depending upon the household needs.

Larger and more complex security items can be provided to households in the eligible area through the parallel home security programme offered by Empower CIC as part of the Safer Streets programme. See the Empower website for details and how to request a home security visit and review.

The project began December 2022 and orders are now being taken and delivered. The online order form is here


The delivery area for Safer Streets East Marsh is shown below. Although we can take requests from anyone in East Marsh, we will prioritising households within the Safer Streets area below. We will need to confirm your address and postcode and eligibility before we can provide items.

What can be provided?

Our current catalogue of available items: (download a visual, poster version here)

E1 – personal alarm. keyring style. slimline. includes torch
E2 – personal, wrist worn alarm
E3 – panda alarm. for young people
E4 – heart alarm
E5 – hidden, under arm pocket
E6 – daily plugin timer
E7 – easy to use, dawn to dusk setting plugin timer
E8 – stick on battery powered window shock alarm
E9 – battery powered over handle door alarm
E10 – battery powered door wedge alarm
E11 – motion activated plugin night safety light
E12 – battery powered TV simulator
E30 – padlock. combination
E31 – Personal torch.
E80 – No Cold Caller window stickers
E81-83 – pretend tin safe (looks like baked beans E81, tinned soup E82 or a book E83)

Residents can request a few suitable items. Please only request what you need. For example; 2 x E1 personal alarms + 1 E5 hidden pocket + 1 x E6 plugin timer +E10 door wedge, would be a completely reasonable request.

We will review all requests, assess your situation and supply what we are able to as appropriate.

Download the latest visual catalogue of items here.

Referrals and Requests

Many households will be supported through referrals. Referrals will be made to VANEL via the Neighbourhood Policing Teams; Empower; NELC; LHP; the Centre of Excellence for Safer Streets; Safer Streets Community Champion organisations; Ward Councillors; and other local community organisations within East Marsh. If you already connect with these organisations please talk to them about the community cache and ask to be referred.

However, households/residents can put in their own requests.

The online request form is here

If you have problems with the form, referrals to VANEL for the Cache equipment can be made via Karl Elliott at VANEL. Email  We will need to know your name, address, postcode, contact numbers or email. We also need to know what is being requested.

All requests are reviewed for eligibility and need.  Although more than one item can be requested (for example a personal alarm + a timer switch + a window alarm + a door alarm), we retain the right to decide what can be provided as supply will be limited and demand will be high.  Please explain what you need and why.


This programme is run by a small part-time team and we don’t have a warehouse full of stock! So it will take some time between request and assessment and delivery. We expect to deliver within 2 weeks of orders but it will often be much quicker.

We also don’t have a fleet of vans or the ability to deliver directly to homes. Generally we’ll deliver your orders when ready to a nearby community venue within the East Marsh area and ask you to pick the order up from there. If this proves tricky then we will make attempts to deliver to you at some point or contact you to make specific arrangements. Please bear with us.

Please make sure that we have your contact information and delivery information when placing orders.

Further support

For home security visits and reviews please contact Empower for their part of the Safer Streets programme: