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Health & Well being Board Strategy Work

Between October and November 2012, VANEL carried out a consultation exercise across North East Lincolnshire to essentially ask people their attitudes to Health and whether North East Lincolnshire is a healthy place to live and work.

The work was commissioned by the Shadow Health and Wellbeing Board in order to help frame the developing Health and Wellbeing Strategy for the borough by understanding what people really know or think or feel about health in our area.

The consultation did not try to survey, but rather to hold conversations with people around health.

Over 400 people gave us their thoughts, and from this VANEL determined trends and themes that were fed back to the Board in December 2012.

The consultation itself is currently complete, but…

healthywebsitepic1The website developed at the time and the health survey itself are still live and online.  Visit them at:

(This website was developed in-house at VANEL)

We’re sharing what we learned during the survey with local groups as well as the Board.  Keep an eye on our News or Twitter feed to find out where next.

Latest Updates

Karl Elliott will be presenting feedback from the Health and Wellbeing conversations at the next Healthier Communities meeting on 26th February.

Further Information

For further information about this project please contact:

Karl Elliott, Development Manager, VANEL