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3667 Community Health Champion Logo AWThe importance of looking after and valuing your physical health and mental wellbeing are two things which are easy to take for granted. It is often not until our own health, or that of someone we care about is compromised that we begin to realise and appreciate its significance. VANEL’s Community Health Champions (CHC) project works to promote healthy living messages to people of all ages across North East Lincolnshire. The project which is funded by North East Lincolnshire Lifestyle Services and The Morrisons Foundation, aims to increase awareness of the health and wellbeing interventions that are available locally. It is hoped that by providing people with this information, they will be encouraged to visit their pharmacist, GP or other health practitioners, before unnecessarily venturing to their local a&e department. Equally, the programme aims to motivate people to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing and reduce the number of people developing long-term chronic illnesses which are preventable.

Following a grant of £6,250 from The Morrison’s Foundation towards the project, Community Health Champion Project Coordinator, Vickie Ehret has secured a regular spot at Morrison’s in Laceby, and will oct-2016be holding a CHC stall. Here, members of the public can receive free information on, and be signposted to, organisations which can offer them support with specific health related matters. For example, if a member of the public was to express that they would like to find out more about diabetes, or join a support group, the Community Health Champion’s would provide them with the contact details of an organisation which provides such a service locally. You will not be asked to provide any personal information or contact details for using the Community Health Champions service. To find out when and where the Community Health Champions will be out and about in the community, take a look at the VANEL calendar. The stalls will also serve as an opportunity to recruit volunteers aged 16 and over to become Community Health Champions themselves.

As a volunteer Community Health Champion, you will be part of a team working together to deliver health and wellbeing messages to children, young people, adults and seniors, in a range of different venues across North East Lincolnshire. Becoming a volunteer Community Health Champion promises to be a very rewarding opportunity and would be particularly beneficial to anyone wishing to study or gain employment within the health care sector. All Community Health Champion volunteers will be enrolled on CERTA’s accredited Health Champion Level 1 training course. Where applicable, there will also be an opportunity for CHC volunteers to obtain further qualifications such as Dementia Awareness, Mental Health first aid and Drugs Awareness. Along the way, you will get to meet new people, learn more about health and wellbeing, develop your skills and in turn, increase your confidence.

For more information about the Community Health Champions project or to apply to become a volunteer, please contact CHC project coordinator Vickie Ehret. Email

Tel: (01472) 231 123