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“Tea and Trustees”

When you are a Trustee (or committee member/board member) it’s sometimes helpful to have someone to talk to.  It might be you have a problem or issue or perhaps a lack of experience in some aspect of governance or being a trustee.  In which case talking it through with someone might help point you in the right direction.

Or maybe you’d like to explore some ideas on how to improve your board governance practices or your own approaches. Or perhaps there’s something you could learn from others.  And it’s also useful sometimes to talk to Trustees outside of your own organisation.


Come along to one of our “Tea and Trustee” informal sessions.

Held every month (last Friday of the month) in Grimsby Minster cafe, it’s a very informal chance to come along and chat with other Trustees.

Who should come?

Anyone actively involved in governance of a charity or voluntary/community group.
That might mean you are a Trustee, director, committee member or board member.

What is it?

Very informal.  It’s not training or a workshop.
We’ll have governance related resources to hand.  And there will always be a VANEL member of staff or VANEL Trustee there to help talk through specific governance questions should you need it.
But it’s simply a chance for you to talk to other Trustees in the same type of situation as yourself.

Come along with your problems! Come along with your inspirations and good practices.  Come along to have a simple chat on anything to do with governance or trusteeship.


When?  Normally every last Friday of the month
27th Feb, 27th Mar, 24th April, 29th May – confirmed dates
starting anytime from 10am until around 12noon
come along for any part of the session, just drop in for as long as you like
Where?  In the Grimsby Minster cafe which is open to the public on Fridays
How much?  No specific fee.  But no refreshments are provided – you’ll have to buy your own drink (& cake?) from the Minster Cafe (which also supports them).
But VANEL are not funded for this initiative so we’re always happy for support. If you feel you/your charity benefits from this support then we would welcome any donations (perhaps £5 for any session you attend?).  Any donations will be ring-fenced to help us provide more governance support locally.
We’d also like to assume that you/your group is a paid up Member or Friend of VANEL.  If not, then we’d really ask that you consider membership.


If you’d like to confirm you can attend, or would like to talk about these sessions or any of our Governance support initiatives, then please contact

Karl Elliott, Development Manager at VANEL
01472 361043