Think Home Safety

You can help Humberside Fire and Rescue by thinking about your home safety throughout the year.

Help reduce the number of unnecessary callouts by following some quick and simple advice to help keep you and your house safe.

Think Prevention

Check your house for fire risks and take steps in advance to reduce your risks.

Arrange a home fire safety check if you can.

Before going to bed:
-Check the cooker is turned off

-Turn off and unplug electrical appliances (unless they are meant to be left on, like your fridge- freezer)

-Avoid using household appliances such as washing machines or tumble dryers whilst you are asleep

-Put candles and cigarettes out properly

-Turn heaters off and put up fireguards

-Make sure exits are kept clear -Close inside doors at night to

stop a fire from spreading

-Keep door and window keys where everyone can find them

At key times of the year, such as Halloween or during the Winter, take extra steps to ensure you’re avoiding unnecessary risks

Think Alert

Make sure you’ve got a fire alarm fitted!

Think Escape

Plan in advance what you’d do if there is a fire. Think about your escape route and what you’d need to take with you.

Prevention: Home Fire Safety tips

Don’t overload power sockets and make sure no plugs have frayed wires exposed.

Turn off and unplug electrical appliances at night even if they are on standby.

Avoid mixing chargers for electric devices. Phones and tablets should be charged with the official leads they came with.

Turn heaters off and put up fire guards when you leave the house or go to bed.

Keep candles on a metal or ceramic base or saucer and well away from curtains or soft furnishings.

Put cigarettes and candles out properly – never leave candles unattended.

Close internal doors – this will stop a fire from spreading should one break out.

Ensure that you have a working smoke alarm on each level of the house.

Prevention: Arrange a Home Fire Safety Check

Hopefully your home doesn’t have too many fire risks. But isn’t it worth checking? Humberside Fire and Rescue Service (HFRS) have a detailed online home safety website that allows you to answer questions about every room in your house and you’ll then get an immediate report on whether there is anything you need to be changing to make your home safer. Visit www.safelincs. or have someone help you to do the check to make sure you’re living safely. If the report identifies issues and determines you are eligible, then you might get referred on for a home safety visit. If you can’t do the check online or are worried about your safety then please call HFRS on 0300 3038242 and leave your details so that they can contact you to determine your eligibility and arrange a home visit if appropriate.

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